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Next Planned Actions – Events

Training Material – Services

After the completion of all country reports, elaborated in 8 European countries (Greece, Belgium, Germany, Finland, Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden, Bulgaria), and the compilation of their synthesis report, THESEIS partners will focus their efforts on

a) the Identification – Designation of Learning Outcomes of workers occupied in waste water and solid waste management, for Health and Safety issues

Learning outcomes will be specified based on the questionnaires assessment (see first article of current Newsletter) and the identification of National Qualifications Framework and Jobs’ Descriptions of workers occupied in pollution management sector, in the abovementioned 8 European countries. Then, learning outcomes will be used for the collection and development of THESEIS project didactical contents.

b) Grouping of the learning outcomes in distinct learning units and described along knowledge, skills, competence descriptors

Learning outcomes will also be grouped in distinct learning units and described along knowledge, skills, competence descriptors (EQF, ECVET).

c) Configuration of VCP training services

The Swedish Tele-Pedagogic Knowledge Center will configure the training services that will be provided by the Virtual Community Platform (VCP), according the results (training needs, learning outcomes) of the final synthesis report and the proposed Vocational training model.

Articles to National Press and Magazines – Presentations to Seminars

All partners will prepare and publicize one technical article at national press in each partner country. The articles will concern a presentation of the project and the main outcomes achieved, so far. THESEIS dissemination activities will also include presentations to seminars at local and national level.

Additionally, country and synthesis report results will be disseminated to project interested stakeholders. THESEIS project results will be uploaded to ADAM platform for its contents renewal.

Project’s Interim report

Finally THESEIS project coordinator (SIGMA Consultants, Greece) will compile and submit to EACEA the project’s Interim report. Alongside, the THESEIS Interim report, the Interim Quality Report will also be produced. The Interim Quality report will contain the results of the implemented measures for quality management and assurance from the project start to the half time (30-10-2012) of the project duration.

3rd coordination meeting

Next scheduled meeting of the THESEIS partners is the 3rd coordination meeting that will be held in Nurnberg, Germany, during December 2012. It will be hosted by the Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb – Research Institute for Vocational Education and Training).