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Next Planned Actions – Events 2

Translation of training material

The contents of THESEIS VET model will be translated in the language of each participated country. (on going)

Validation of THESEIS VET model

The whole development activities will be followed by a separate phase dedicated to pilot trials and evaluation of the new VET model. Pilot testing will allow members of the target audience to try the produced material prior to each full deployment in order to give feedback on its features and functions. The WP-5 will run a series of trials at each of the partner sites to validate the model on a trans-European basis. Each trial site will be set-up so that a representative sample of the specific workforce involving a mix of workers, local unemployed people and students of technical schools will participate in the pilot testing. Experts from the partner institutions who were engaged in the development of the model will be responsible for the coordination of the whole process. This will include contact with the pilot testers, set up of the infrastructure, installation of the online modules and configuration of the system according to the operating requirements. An online forum will be created, via the VCP tool, providing a platform for discussion of topics and elements of the VET model, the contents of the training material and the delivery methods implemented and shared feedback between learners and tutors.

At the end of the training session, the learners will be asked to fill out a survey using an agreed standard evaluation questionnaire.

The assessment will address the learner’s perception of the course as well as the extent to which participants, improve knowledge, and increase skill as a result of participating in the learning process.

The training specialists will review the data, conduct follow-up interviews (if necessary) and summarize the results. Then the Lead Partner of the WP-5 will prepare a common evaluation report taking into consideration inputs from each partner. The conclusions will be used by the management of the THESEIS project to make decisions for adaptations and modifications of the learning materials.

The leader of the WP-4 will exploit these guidelines to refine the contents and compile the final version of the THESEIS VET model.

Articles to National Press and Magazines – Presentations to Seminars

Partners will prepare and publicize articles at national press in each partner country. The articles will concern a presentation of the project and the main outcomes achieved, so far. THESEIS dissemination activities will also include presentations to seminars at local and national level.

The THESEIS project as well as the structure and contents of the platform will be disseminated in the following two major events:

  1. The four day international exhibition (ECOTEC) which will be hosted in Athens (18 – 21 April 2013 ) and is devoted to environmental management and protection. Our participation includes the hiring of a pavilion and renting a conference hall for the presentation of the project and distribution of informative material.
  2. The European and international Conference ‘’LINQ 2013 – Innovations and Quality in Lifelong Learning, Education and Training’’ taking place in Rome on the 16th and 17th of May 2013, after the acceptance of our project’s article by the appointed experts. Except the article, the proceedings and the informative material that will be distributed, the THESEIS project will be presented by a speech, as it was asked to us by the LINQ organizing Committee. For further information you can visit: www.learning-innovations.eu/programme.

Next coordination meeting

Next scheduled meeting of the THESEIS partners is the 4th coordination meeting that will be held in Finland, during June 2013. It will be hosted by the Finish Institute of Occupational Health.