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19.09.13  Final Conference

Final Conference
The Final Conference of THESEIS Project “Training on Health and Safety in the Environment Industrial Sector” was concluded on the 19th of September 2013, in Thessaloniki, with the attendance of 55 participants. The Conference was hosted by the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece.

The welcome speach as well as the coordination of the conference was undertaken by Mrs. Monika Nagy from the Federation of Industries of Northern Greece .The first session of final conference day focused on presenting the project’s experiences and results. The project Coordinator Mr. Thanasis Manoloudis from SIGMA Consultants Ltd, shared the aims and achievements of the THESEIS project.  Mrs Metaxenia Delaki from SIGMA Consultants Ltd, demonstrated the THESEIS Vocational Educational and Training Platform, based on a 3-D perspective layout of a realistic plan of a Waste Water Treatment Unit. Mr. Bram Schittecatte from PREVENT – Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (Belgium), gave a presentation of the training applications of the THESEIS VET Model in Belgium.

In the following session, Case Studies and Best Practices at Waste Water Treatment Plants, in other European Countries, were presented. Among the speakers were Viktoria Slavkova from the Regional Development Foundation (Sofia), Themis Kasampalis from SIGMA Consultants Ltd (Greece), Wanda Kacprzyk and Katarzyna Rymwid-Mickiewicz from the Institute of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute (Poland), Antonis Targoutzidis from the Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety (Greece) and Eero Priha from the Finnish Institute of Occupational Health (Finland).

THESEIS Final Conference concluded successfully with a round table discussion on issues related to Waste Management and Health & Safety among the participating countries. All relative material (List of participants,  meeting’s agenda and photos) are now available.