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Training on Health and Safety for workers in the Environment Industrial Sector.

What is THESEIS?

The proposed project aims at developing, testing and disseminating an innovative training model in the field of occupational Health and Safety of workers occupied in the pollution management sector of eco-industry. THESEIS project is being carried out by a consortium of organisations from across 8 European nations.


The pollution management sector of the eco-industry includes operations and services related to solid waste management, recycling, waste water treatment, air pollution control, soil & groundwater remediation, noise & vibration control etc. According to recent studies the EU-27 direct employment related to this sector exceeds the 3.4 million full time job equivalents. Growth rates have been strong over the last years. The corresponding turnover was approximately 300 billion € in 2008.

The EU eco industry is besides other trends facing the demand for the new skills and a higher skill-level due to technical evolutions in the sector. Moreover the increasing public concern about hazardous substances, quality of water resources, contaminated sites, polluted air and the new legislation targeted at these concerns, enhances the need for improving workforce competencies.

People working in this evolving industry face specific risks related to their activities. Although there are many courses and training material on H&S, there is nothing specific oriented to this sector which includes more than 2.5 million persons occupied in the EU-27. THESEIS project aims to address this need by developing the proposed new training model based on the b-learning methodology.