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THESEIS will correspond to the demand situation described above by developing an appropriate e-learning training model in the field of occupational Health and Safety of individuals working in the pollution management sector of eco-indusrty. To achieve this overarching project aim THESEIS will envisage the following objectives and ways to address them:

•assess training gaps in the area of concern: clustering a representative sample of the target groups and implementing a questionnaire survey in the participating countries

•investigate the National Qualification Frameworks for the workers in eco-industry sector: documenting the qualifications related to H&S issues

•support Vocational training providers and learners: elaborating a b-learning training model designed to meet the identified training needs

•enhance the acceptance of the produced model: developing “how to use” guidelines; carrying out pilot tests; organizing demonstration workshops; providing help line services

•favour the project results adoption: organizing specific dissemination events (website, workshops, brochures, press articles, newsletters, EU presentations)

•promote the sustainable use of the project outcomes: Networking and simulating key market stakeholders at national and EU level; implementing project Exploitation Plan; organizing project final conference.