Podobne projekty

NIREAS – e-Learning for Wastewater Treatment

EUSAFE - European Qualification of Occupational Safety & Health Professional

ENETOSH - European Network Education and Training in Occupational Health and Safety

RIEVERSHIELD - Protecting River from Accidental Industrial Pollution

ELWHP - e-Learning Workplace Health Promotion

OSHA – European Agency for Safety and Health at Work

EDGE - Development of models to allow credit to be given for learning achievements between different training courses in the twin-track training system on the basis of ECVET

DQR  OFFICE - Support of Federal Ministry for Education and Research setting up an NQF in Germany

EVETE – Empowerment of Vocational Education and Training by Improving the E-learning Competences of Teachers and Trainers

HEALTHY WORKPLACES - Healthy Workplaces Campaign 2012–13 ‘Working together for risk prevention’

OiRA -  Online Interactive Risk Assessment project

SWFM-QF – Towards a European qualification for Solid Waste Facilities’ Managers