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Emailing list / networks

Project Partners

SIGMA Consultants Ltd – GR    info@sigmaconsultants.gr

Federation of Industries of Northern Greece – GR   k.tzitzinou@sbbe.gr

Hellenic Institute for Occupational Health and Safety - GR  chatziioannou@elinyae.gr 

Prevent, Institute for Occupational Safety and Health - BE  bram.schittecatte@prevent.be

Forschungsinstitut Betriebliche Bildung (f-bb) – DE  fleuren.tobias@f-bb.de

Occupational Safety Research Institute – CZ  horackova@vubp-praha.cz

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health – FI   pirjo-irmeli.korhonen@ttl.fi

Swedish TelePedagogic Knowledge Centre - SE   kennet_lindquist@pedagogic.com

Institute Of Environmental Protection – National Research Institute – PL   be@ios.edu.pl 

Umweltcluster Bayern - DE   heike.uhlemann@umweltcluster.net

Regional Development Foundation – BG   slavkova@regio.bg 

THESEIS project partners elaborated a database containing the contacts of existing networks from other relative projects and potential beneficiaries in its THESEIS partner’s country and in European level, counting 2748 registered members.