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Training Platform

THESEIS VET model uses all the necessary learning services made available from the Virtual Community Platform for the preparation of the training courses. THESEIS VET model is an interactive platform, based on a 3-D perspective layout of a realistic plan of a Waste Water Treatment Unit with graphic models vector designed on flash technology.

The training material has four discrete chapters:

I. Introduction

ΙΙ. Plant Overview

III. Hazards (Theory – diagnostic test)

IV. Safety Work Procedures (Theory – diagnostic test)

The THESEIS VET model is available on the learning platform. The entrance to the platform is free. Passwords are given upon request to the project manager (info@theseis-training.eu.

In order to evaluate and further improve the model an online questionnaire has been created. The evaluation procedures will be completed until 15/7/2013.


Entrance to the Training Platform:            ENTRANCE  
Evaluation of THESEIS VET model: EVALUATION