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Training Needs Analysis Questionnaires

  1. Wastewater Operator  / EN, GR, BG, DE, FI, PL, CZ
  2. Waste Management Professionals / EN, GR, BG, FR, DEFI, PL

The  questionnaires are aiming to identify their training needs and gaps, on Health and Safety issues.

The questionnaires covers areas such as regulatory arrangements, pre-employment training practices, on-the-job training practices, assessment and recognition of acquired competences etc. and has the format of a Qualifications Framework allowing the interviewees to map their abilities and training needs on topics like:

  • Understanding of the physical, chemical and biological hazards and other workplace factors affecting human well-being;
  • Potential interactions of human, machines, processes and the work environment;
  • Principles of hazard identification, evaluation, risk assessment and risk communication, etc.

Based on the results acquired by the analysis of the answers received, the demanded qualifications, the real training needs and learning outcomes, related to Health and Safety issues, of workers occupied in the Wastewater management sector of eco-industry will be defined and included in the THESEIS training model.

The filling of the questionnaire can be done electronically, is rather simple having 5 numerical and verbal prating levels for each question.

To complete the Wastewater Questionnaire, please click here.

To complete the Waste Management Questionnaire, please click here

Please answer all questions. If any question does not refer or apply to you, just tick the “N/A” answer box.

At the end of the questionnaire, if you wish, you can fill out your contact details in order to send you relevant information on the educational material that will be created.

Thank you, in advance for your effort and valuable input!