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Wastewater Operator Questionnaire

Instructions for completion of the questionnaire:
  1. Please complete all the fields marked with an asterisk (*).
  2. If any question does not refer or apply to you, enable the option “N/A

A. Demonstrate Health and Safety Knowledge and Skills

A.1 Indicate your level of knowledge on the following safety procedures or plans for company and project site:
A.2 Do you follow guidelines for personal safety?
A.3 Are you aware of hazards related to the job?
A.3.1 Are you aware of Accident Hazards related to:
A.3.2 Are you aware of Physical Hazards related to:
A.3.3 Are you aware of Chemical hazards related to:
A.3.4 Are you aware of Biological Hazards related to:
A.3.5 Are you aware of Ergonomic, Psychosocial and Organizational Factors related to:
A.4 Do you follow safety guidelines for confined spaces?
A.4.1 Describe a confined –space entry permit
A.4.2 Comply with procedures for working in confined spaces
A.5 Do you follow guidelines for use and handling of hazardous materials?
A.6 Do you follow fire safety guidelines?
B. Give us your Opinion