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Transnational Survey Report

Transnational Survey Report summarizes the results of two separate research surveys conducted at each participating, in the project, country.

The first survey focused on the requested and available knowledge, skills and competences on occupational Health and Safety issues, in the pollution management sector, of the eco-industry, aiming to the identification of the training needs and gaps of workers occupied in this sector. The survey was conducted via the compilation of two, new Training Needs Analysis Questionnaires, for

  1. Wastewater Operator  / EN, GR, BG, DE, FI, PL, CZ
  2. Waste Management Professionals / EN, GR, BG, FR, DEFI, PL

Within the context of survey conduction all project’s partners, contacted the identified target groups and stakeholders in Greece, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Belgium, Poland, Czech Republic and Bulgaria. More than 4000 contacts were made, by all partners, and at the end of August 2012  800 answers have been received. The received answers were analyzed in order to map the OHS training needs of professionals occupied in wastewater treatment and solid waste management facilities per country.

The second survey identified and examined the existing National Qualifications Frameworks (NQF) for the workers occupied in eco-industry and document the respective qualifications related to H&S issues.

Then THESEIS partners, in each participating country, compiled a Country Report based on the results of both surveys. (8 Country Reports in English)

Finally, the workpackage leader (VUBP) prepared a Transnational Survey Report identifying and documenting common and different qualifications demands and training needs, between the 8 countries, with respect to workers’ knowledge, skills competences & attitudes, and benchmarking best practices on several issues. (Transnational Survey Report / draft version  EN)