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E-mailing lists

THESEIS project partners developed a database containing the contacts of existing networks from other relative projects and potential beneficiaries in each THESEIS partner’s country and in European level. Until now 2748 members have been registered. The e-mailing list is available on VCP, restricted to the partnership.

THESEIS target groups can be clustered in the following categories:

A) Short Term

1. Pollution Management sector and its workers/professionals:

  • Companies in the Pollution Management sector
  • Eco-industry sector companies related to Pollution Management

2. Training and Human Resources Professionals related to Pollution Management:

  • Consultancy companies and certification bodies for Health & Safety issues related to Eco-industry
  • Training and HR departments in Environmental Management organisations
  • Vocational education and training providers in Environmental/Pollution Management
  • Vocational education, universities and training providers related to Health / Safety in eco-industry

3. Development and Support organisations active within the Eco-industry:

  • Associations and Chambers of companies engaged in Health and Safety or Environmental/Pollution Management
  • Occupational Safety services, agencies and institutions
  • Media and publishing organisations engaged in the Eco-sector/Environmental & Pollution Management
  • Professionals in environmental protection, pollution prevention, inspection authorities
  • Research institutes engaged in Environmental Protection and H&S issues
  • Trade unions/Engineer associations related to the Eco-sector and Environmental/Pollution Management

4. Entities related to employment/unemployment in areas of Eco-industry:

  • Public authorities engaged in /responsible for Environmental/Pollution Management
  • Unemployed people with interest in the Eco-sector/Environmental/Pollution Management

B) Long Term

1. Policy and Decision Makers in H&S and vocational training aspects.

  • EU-Occupational Safety & Health Agency (OSHA)
  • Public and private authorities in the fields of education 
  • Environmental protection, pollution prevention
  • Occupational Health & Safety
  • Emergency response bodies 
  • Trade unions
  • Technical chambers.

2. Other stakeholders

  • Organizations and representatives from European
  • Regional and local communities
  • Industrial companies
  • SME’s and their associations activated in other than the environmental field
  • Pollution assessment and waste management equipment providers
  • Mass media
  • Environmental organizations 
  • General public.