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Press Articles and Magazines

THESEIS Project Partners, in the framework of dissemination activities, publicized articles about THESEIS project to National Press and Magazines.


  1. Econews e-magazine  1st article
  2. Technical scientific magazine of Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE-TCG) 2nd article
  3. Econews e-magazine 3rd article
  4. LINQ conference proceedings, page 215 4th article


  1. FING Annual Report 2011 (on page 54): 1st article
  2. FING Annual Report 2012 (on pageg 48): 2nd article
  3. Econews e-magazine: 3rd article


  1. HIOH’s magazine (on page 31): 1st article
  2. HIOH’s magazine (on page 43): 2nd article


  1. Journal of Safety Research and Applications (JOSRA): 1st article, 2nd article, 3rd article, 4th article, 5th article 
  2. Journal Bezpečnost a hygiena práce (BHP): 6th article
  3. Journal Prace a mzda: 7th article


  1.  Magazine “health and safety”: 1st article
  2. Magazine ” Bezopasnost ”: 2nd article, 3rd article


  1.  Magazine “Uusiouutiset” Vol 24: 1st article
  1.  Magazine Labour and Health “Praca i zdrowie” : 1st article,  3rd article ,4th article (a,b,c,d,e,f,g)
  2. Scientific-Research Quarterly „Polish Journal of Continuing Education” (Edukacja Ustawiczna Dorosłych): 2nd article,
  3. Monograph „Health and Safety at Work as a Subject of Work Pedagogy Research” in Library of Work Pedagogy (Ochrona pracy jako przedmiot badań pedagogiki pracy – Biblioteka Pedagogiki Pracy Vol. 255): 5th article
  1. Magazine “PREVENTACTUA”:    1st article FR  & NL (page 4), 2nd article FR & NL( page 6)
  2. Magazine “European Network for Workplace Health Promotion”: 3rd article
  3. Entry on Open Education Europa: 4th article


  1. Press Release on “Pressemitteilung”: 1st article
  2. Wirtschaft und Beruf Beruf Zeitschrift für berufliche Bildung : 2nd article