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Pilot tests – Evaluation of VETmodel

Pilot testing of THESEIS VET model has allowed members of the target audience to try the produced material prior to each full deployment in order to give feedback on its features and functions.A series of trials, at each of the partner sites, have been run to validate the model on a trans-European basis via an online evaluation questionnaire, organised by partners HIOHS, PREVENT, F-bb, VUBP, FIOH, STPKC and IEN-NRI. Lead Partner of WP-5 (F-bb), summarized the results of pilot trials based on an online evaluation questionnaire and prepared a common evaluation report taking into consideration inputs from each country partner. (Evaluation Report / EN)

The conclusions have been used by the Management Unit of the THESEIS project for further adaptations and modifications of the learning materials and compilation of the final version of the VET model.